Morning Reset Meditation

One of the most powerful ways to set the tone for how you think, feel, act and respond each day, is through an intentional meditation practice. This Morning Reset meditation helps you turn off your monkey mind and set powerful intentions for the new day. Energy works on intention and this meditation helps you connect with the energy you wish to embody each day. 


This meditation also walks you through grounding and balancing your energy as well as clearing any energy you’ve picked up that isn’t your own. The Morning Reset helps you reconnect with your own energy and the accompanying PDF offers several journaling prompts to help move your goals forward and embody the necessary energy to accomplish them.

  • Format:

    Guided meditation with binaural beats. Binaural beats are specific patterns of sound designed to stimulate different types of brain waves, helping you achieve a deeper level of healing and relaxation. Because the sound switches between the right and left ear, it’s suggested that you listen with headphones.

  • Length:

    16 minutes, 10 seconds

  • Price:

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