Energy Reset Meditation for Bodyworkers

Any kind of energetic exchange can feel tiring, especially if you haven’t fully learned how to ground and protect your energy. When you’re performing energy work without strong boundaries in place, it can open you up to inviting in lower vibrational energies or picking up your client’s energy and emotions, which can leave you feeling drained. 


Just because you’re an empath, doesn’t mean you must experience everyone else’s emotions or pain. This short Energy Reset for Bodyworkers is designed for use in between clients. You’ll be guided to quickly clear and ground your own energy, release energetic attachments that aren’t your own, put a protective barrier in place and set an energetic intention for your next client.

  • Format:

    Guided meditation with binaural beats. Binaural beats are specific patterns of sound designed to stimulate different types of brain waves, helping you achieve a deeper level of healing and relaxation. Because the sound switches between the right and left ear, it’s suggested that you listen with headphones.

  • Length:

    4 minutes, 50 seconds

  • Price:

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